Facebook Messenger for iPad now available as a separate app


No more fighting with the official Facebook app for sending messages and keep in touch with family and friends known as Facebook Messenger for iPad is now available as a native and independent application to the principal, that although it is a fairly complete application, the iPad version of the official app of the social network is not going all fine and so far it should send messages and discussions is a bit chaotic.

Facebook Messenger wants separates your main app Following the same line as the version of iPhone or iPod Touch, Facebook Messenger for iPad is available for free on the App Store for all social network users can use him, but also with our number phone-and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch as long as the device on which you want to install is updated to iOS 7.0 or higher.

This iPad version has the same features her younger sister for iPhone and iPod Touch, so little can comment in this regard. That if, with the arrival of the iPad version of Facebook Messenger be have corrected some of the persistent problems in previous versions, the iPhone, and now the application is faster and Facebook contact list is now updated showing real time changes in contact status.