HipeMessenger, Short Messaging board


We still have a lot to see in the field of mobile messaging, and that has not been written yet the last word, so that it is sufficient for the emergence of other forms of communication in the field space, either by mixing existing concepts from other considering other platforms or completely different communication modes.

That said, Hipe Messenger ( hipe.im ) is a network of mobile messaging, released in February, which differs from the rest to be a kind of game that makes communications ephemeral if users do not respond to messages received within 99 seconds of publication.

Under this format, Hipe Messenger seeks to eliminate the “awkward silences” when it is in the talks, but as TechCrunch notes, this only occurs at the beginning of the conversation. Users can make use of animations, videos, overlaps and short texts, which recently launched an addition to browsers to get GIF from web or even stored locally to later sent as a message from the browser.

Hipe also supports videos up to 10 seconds to be played in a loop, like Vine, and even sharing conversations on social networks. In fact, sharing conversations with other people, without their having the need to have the application installed in order to access them and answer them.

Hipe Messenger is available for Android and iOS mobile platforms.