Fenix, The best Twitter client for Android, is locked


One of the best Twitter clients for Android that exist today, Fenix ​​, has stopped working . As if this were not enough, its creator, Matthew Villa , has been forced to withdraw app from Google Play Store. The reason is that the social network mark tweets as spam app. Fenix ​​achieved great popularity due to its design and functionality the developer has contacted Twitter to solve the problem but so far have not received any response so has been forced to withdraw his application pending a solution. He himself has clarified that the decision has nothing to do with the limit of “tokens” with customers but siemplemente Messages from your application are marked as spam and, for that reason, the company has decided to block the service . In this sense, works perfectly and can access and view messages from people who follow without incident. The only thing to keep in mind is that when sending our tweets, they reach not be published. That’s why, amid growing user queries, Matteo Villa decided to act.
Not the first time that the company blocks a client application, as happened with Falcon , though the reasons were completely different. Anyway, we are awaiting updates developer and especially of the solution that will give Twitter finish all this because this decision is hurting many users.

Updated: Matteo Villa a few hours ago has released via Twitter account of its application that the company has restored his client. From now should return to run smoothly and quickly, if it is not already, will be downloadable from the Google Play Store.