Inbox, e-mail platform that created by MIT students and Dropbox

inbox email platform

Students of the prestigious American institute of technology MIT have teamed up under the wing of Dropbox to create Inbox a new startup wants to completely revolutionize the way we manage our email accounts from any device we use.

To Inbox, applications today use to review and manage email are archaic and dysfunctional, plus many times we find ourselves using different apps for different emails and trying to get the most out of them (because normally the leaving us to manage several emails, they are not all good applications).

Well, following the steps of the new GMail API that Google introduced the Google I/O 2014 , with which the company offers developers new tools for their applications of e-mail, Inbox brings all these features to any email, no GMail only (with support for Yahoo!, Microsoft Exchange, and other ), and a simpler way for the developer to implement functions such as access to messages labeling emails, messages and follow rule threads conversation, without requiring access to the content of the user’s mail.

Inbox is a company email. Google is an advertising company. Our product has our full focus, will not be discontinued suddenly

So with a fairly direct and indirect full of competitive aggressiveness, Inbox is presented as a reliable platform that could end the reliance of developers on these “outdated protocols” as mentioned, as IMAP , besides allowing the developer to provide access only I just need to mail in the user applications that are not completely related to mail, or give access to all functions if you are creating a client e-mail.