Nokia is preparing new Lumia with Android

nokia x2

Week starts funny. It turns out that during the weekend has been rumored that Nokia now officially belongs to Microsoft, may be preparing a phone with Android , according to Phone Arena through evleaks. But a real one, not like the Nokia X or Nokia X2 . A terminal without Microsoft Windows Phone, would it be unreasonable? Microsoft has long been interested in the Android market Maybe not. Google currently enjoys a position of power in the mobile market, about 8 out of 10 phones in the world are Android , and that means business. Mobile manufacturers compete to see who is the cat water is carried in the mid-range segment because currently there is no clear winner, as the Moto G . Nokia’s entry into the scene with a great device quality would be a blow on the table by Microsoft and, above all, a change of mind with a new idea: “if you can not beat them, join them”.

Little is known about the characteristics of this new terminal may not even be similar to Nokia X as to bring its own layer on top of Android or if you have access to the Play Store of Google, but if so, the biggest beneficiaries, in addition to consumers , developers would. However, if this movement triumphed the market could end up with only two options, and that’s never good. There must be alternatives, always.