Google launches official support for Chrome Remote Desktop for Linux in beta

chrome remote desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is a multiplatform service under Chromoting technology, allows users to access remote computers through the Chrome browser or even through a Chromebook device, with which they can control them safely over the Internet, as I discussed at the time . Available to date for Windows, Mac and Android, now adds the new version that just came out for Linux, available in beta.

Natalie R. W, product expert at Google, has been commissioned to promote through Google Chrome Forums on this day, also pointing to the Google help center for users to get step by step instructions to install this service on their own computers.

It also points out that by default, the system creates a virtual desktop resolution of 1600 × 1200 pixels in size, offering the line should be included in a ~ /. Profile for a different resolution. He also points out the command lines to restart the service for the changes to take effect, and adds that the virtual session is configured so that when you run Chrome from the virtual meeting, a new profile is created because Chrome does not support the use multiple displays X Window System on the same profile.

Finally, it indicates that the virtual desktop will be created in the init.d service systemThose problems or questions you may have users under linux Chrome Remote Desktop can solve through the same thread Post, says Natalie, she and allowing other users to provide answers to them, and also can serve information to future users that may pose similar problems and doubts them.

Chrome Remote Desktop for Linux is available as a package for the Debian distribution, in its version of 32-bit and 64-bit version.