Samsung, Intel, Broadcom, Dell and more create the Open Interconnect Consortium

interconnect open consortium

With the aim of defining standards for interoperability between the billions of devices will have Internet access in the coming years, Broadcom, Dell, Intel, Samsung, Atmel and Wind River named companies have created the Interconnect Open Consortium ( ). The organization will initially aim to build a common framework in the world of communications standards based on existing technologies, allowing the fluid movement of information wirelessly between computers, and other mobile devices regardless of operating, system or way mark .

As we read in ZDNet , some of the proposed solutions include the ability to remotely control households to save money and energy, and in the same way that companies allow both employees and visitors can work collaboratively and interact with screens and devices of a room.

The alliance will help companies providing software solutions and hardware, thus protocols can be developed without taking into account limitations and future open source implementation and certification program. According to spokesmen for the organization declared:

“Companies that collaborate on OIC believe a secure and reliable connectivity between devices is the basis to enable the Internet of Things. They believe that a common approach is essential, and so much a standard as an open-source implementation is the best way to make this possible. “