Braintree Launches New SDK with support for payments via Paypal

We have to go back at the end of last September, by which time eBay acquired the online payment platform Braintree in the amount of $ 800 million cash acquisition would strengthen Paypal as a mobile payment platform, offering companies innovative e-commerce solutions so that they can implement in their services.

To date, it has not had significant news about it, until a few hours ago , where Braintree announced the launch of its new SDK with which intended to replace previous versions, offering therethrough a new experience to both the developers as the user.


Braintree SDK, which is well known as the new SDK, allows easy and fast web applications both desktop and mobile integration and in native applications for mobile devices. One of its main features is the support for payments through Paypal, but in general, is designed to allow developers to enable and disable from your own control panel, both payment systems currently supported as those others who may come in the future.

Another major feature of the new SDK is the launch of the Drop-in interface, which will save time for developers to create custom user interfaces for the payment screen, although those who wish may continue to create completely customized interfaces as to date.

The new SDK have been in evidence a number of applications and services, highlighting one of them after a week of use, over 11% of the volume of payments are now made via Paypal.