Google Camera is updated by adding a remote shutter release for Android Wear


Google just updated its Google camera app to version 2.3 for the main purpose of adding Android support to Wear, and this version offers an interesting feature to holders of a smartwatch of Google, as from now will take a photo with your phone or tablet from your smartwatch.

For this, the update adds a new button on screen that allows us to take photos without having to physically touch the phone, allowing us to use your watch as if it were a trigger. Once you press this button, a screen will stay behind us indicate the seconds remaining until the picture is taken, and as soon as we have made ​​photography is displayed on the screen smartwatch a preview of it so we can quickly check how it looks. Certainly a very interesting feature that shows that the world of wearables is still much to do and is just beginning to be exploited.

This feature can only be used with Google camera application and not with other third party applications, plus you have to have a device with Android 4.3 or later installed to enjoy it.