LinkedIn launches LinkedIn Connected For iPhone that connected to LinkedIn Contacts


Connected LinkedIn just introduced a new mobile app for iPhone, which aims to strengthen existing relationships within the social network itself by offering professional real opportunities, so that users have access to their networks as more need.

With this, know all aspects of their network members as business anniversaries, birthdays, meeting notices, job changes, profile updates, etc.. Basically, it is a restatement of your LinkedIn Contacts application, recently retired, with a more ambitious vision, where LinkedIn stresses its interest in offering a smarter, easier way to keep in touch with their own connections and strengthen relationships.

Connected enables synchronization with contacts and calendars, allowing relevant and timely activate the device itself push notifications, so you can offer prior to the holding of meetings scheduled reminders. Connected for iOS is available in English and is available for installation through the Apple App Store .

Considering that over 40% of the 300 million users of the professional social network access via mobile devices, it is obvious that LinkedIn wants to strengthen its presence on mobile devices, in order for users to spend more time and interact more within their own platform, thereby having to offer specific experiences.