Sobrr, a social network that erases everything after 24 hours


If you are concerned that your profiles publications are present years after shipment, if you seek something more temporary, which on one hand allows friends to read what you are doing and secondly ensure that time will not eliminate what makes more sense to submit Sobrr ( ) can be a good solution.

It is an application that deletes what we publish after 24 hours of sending it to our profile, leaving very little time for it to be enjoyed by friends and contacts.

Not only content, photos, messages disappear after a day, so do friendships, with possibility to extend them if they want both parties.

The goal is to bring real life to digital world, as discussed in VB , and it is based on festivities Friday night, “friends” that appear and disappear in a few days, fleeting contacts, sometimes if both so wish, can become permanent.

Unfortunately not bet on alone web version and mobile, starting with iOS, now available for free on iTunes.