Wunderlist soon launch its third version


From Wunderlist are clear that there is always room for improvement, being for this reason that they have been working on the third version of their applications , taking into account those issues identified by users: speed, performance and more uniform distribution. With these premises in mind, I have almost everything ready for the launch of the third version of its mobile applications for smart phones, tablets and computers.

New versions of these applications will offer a new experience, including timing in real time even faster, new elegant design and over 60 enhancements closed. So far, they have offered no further details, but if we are interested, from the company we invite you to be the first to test new versions “reserving our seats,” that is, bringing our email addresses via the web wunderlist.com / comingsoon. In addition, we can also track via their social channels on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Google+ where we will be informed of each new publish over the coming weeks.

If it was not enough to get the long teeth to what they have to offer, Wunderlist you guys give us the following video, which will give us a better idea of ​​what will be new versions of the applications list management: