3 applications to mix music from browser

If you want to get the DJ that you have inside, there are some applications that can help you without installing anything on your computer. In recent years we have made several of these platforms, but most have disappeared did not find a business model that helps them survive in the web world.

Here you have some options are still available, that you practice mixing notes:



We can choose two songs from SoundCloud and transform them into “virtual vinyl” so we can play with the playback speed of both their level, echo effects and a few others.

Very simple, but quite entertaining with web application and extension of Chrome available.


muziic.com dj

We can choose music in the top search engine, you will find youtube videos that can add to each of the two available channels. It has many effects that we can adjust to the lower panel, getting many more possibilities than in the previous case.



It is the most sophisticated of the three. It synthesizers, drum machines, effects, sampler, tracks. and best of all: ability to collaborate with other artists in the same theme.

A month ago launched a new version of this app that takes more than two years on the web, without attracting much attention, but offering a good service to all fans of topic.