Samsung temporarily suspended their relations with one of its suppliers in China


Few days ago China Labor Watch, a nongovernmental organization responsible for defending workers’ rights in China, made ​​a rather disturbing discovery, ensuring that there were some irregularities in the factories of one of the providers working with Samsung.

Apparently, they would have found evidence of child labor in factories Shinyang Electronics, located in Dongguan. In Samsung were very surprised after these harsh statements, since shortly before the Korean company had they conducted a series of audits whose results showed proud and can ensure that there were no irregularities in their factories. However, after the statement made ​​by China Labor Watch, Samsung began to investigate and apparently have found that the claims most likely to be real, because they would have found evidence of illegal hiring that would have occurred in this factory during the June 29, after his last audit date. For this reason, they have temporarily canceled all ties with this Chinese supplier , although the situation calls into question the effectiveness of their audits.  De finally confirmed the news, the company announced that it will stop all dealings with the Chinese supplier and harden their recruitment processes in this country , ensuring really be concerned with issues related to child exploitation.

No doubt, this is the saddest part of the evolution of technology, and that every so often arise uncovering similar news cases of illegal recruitment and journey extremely hard for workers.