BarkCam, application of photography to capture our dogs


BarkCam is perhaps the first, or one of the first applications of photography in which specific features are implemented to photograph our dogs.

Yes, you read that right: the application has been designed so that each time you want to photograph it make a sound to attract the attention of our dog. Good thinking, for those of us who have pets know it’s hard to get to sit still to shoot a good photograph as what times.

After capture, we can add elements such as filters, stickers (bow ties, hats or glasses doggy, among many others), or text messages meme gets a funny picture. Knowing that we usually love teaching our adorable pet pictures to friends and family, we may share with BarkCam catches from the same app. Insist that comment really has been developed with love and care, as even the filters we have available in it have been specially chosen because they look good in screenshots featuring puppies.

You can download the free application on iTunes for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch this link for free.