Linkedin Buy Newsle solution mentions finding people online

linkedin newsle

In order to provide relevant content on our profile or our contacts Linkedin has just announced the purchase of newsle.

It is a system that is able to detect a mention of names across the Internet, using an intelligent algorithm able to interpret text, not only to find matching characters.

The aim is to show the entries within Linkedin to our contacts in the international press, know what they are doing for the world, have a professional network that not only show what others share and yes what others are doing, what they are writing and presenting.

Linkedin purchase not only the solution, also buys talent, as engineers and responsible for newsle work to integrate that technology in the social network engine. Currently newsle continue to operate as a standalone product, has not been reported nor anything about limit on the numbers related to the purchase dates.

They comment on the blog that Linkedin is a step to transform their platform more than a social network. You have allowed to write long texts, allowing use Linkedin as a blog platform, and we can post videos, pictures and presentations, we can integrate the network with Pulse, we may use your program influential. there are several features that continue to add value in a platform increasingly more flexible, thus maintaining its position as a leader in the category of professional networks.