Wiper, mobile messaging application that allows you to delete entire conversation with just one click


This year we are seeing a significant increase in competition from mobile messaging applications, from the emergence of new messaging networks to the evolution of the oldest. Obviously, the success of each depends on that attract a large number of users, a desire that reality is not always done, so not being interoperable including users who begin to form part thereof, may do little or nothing if your contacts are not part of or do not use these new options. Also be noted that one aspect that has led to the emergence of new options is due to the aspect of privacy, whose services said to be more respectful of the communications of its users.

Continuing with the aspect of privacy, one of the new appearances in the market for mobile messaging applications is Wiper ( gowiper.com ), having as main characteristic the possibility for users to completely erase the talks, both disappearing mobile devices both the sender and the recipient, including the servers themselves, eliminating all traces of them.

Wiper also allows encrypted audio calls, send pictures and texts, and alert users when users copy or get screenshots of the content on a device. This is intended to provide more transparency in its operation, with the idea that users can get a better idea of ​​what they are doing recipients. Later, the service will offer new features such as group chats and web-based service.

Wiper is currently available for both Android and iOS devices, the Spanish still among the languages ​​supported by both versions. Wiper has been carried out by Manlio Carrelli, former marketing director of Intermedia, along with his team, consisting of Alex Hoffman and Michael Choupak, the latter being the only investor in this financing round service.