Box eliminates the storage limit in the Business Accounts

box cloud

In recent months we have seen companies dedicated to data storage have fought to become the best adding more features and more space, a war that is still going on and has gone a step further when Box today announced the storage limit on Business accounts for customers.

We have read it directly from your blog, which have highlighted that in the past two decades the cost of cloud storage has dropped dramatically. Therefore both minerals from private sector have been benefiting more and more of the situation, leading to a day where almost everyone can create, store and manipulate information in cloud.

Meanwhile Box has offered unlimited space in the Enterprise plan since 2010, option now also extends to the Business account in order that small businesses did not have to worry about maintaining backups, different versions of data or large files in the account.

In the same blog post also comment on the next step they intend to do to improve and make their service more affordable, and coming soon is a set of new integrations between Box and Microsoft that will allow for secure collaboration from mobiles and management content. These integrations will be available starting this autumn.

Nice moves by Box, which will certainly positioning itself among the first services sector.