Crashlytics launch Answers function of real-time metrics

Answers by Crashlitics

We talked on occasion about Crashlytics that for those who do not know, this is the platform of tools for mobile developers that Twitter acquired last year, and months ago launched Beta , functionality that allows developers around the process of distributing their mobile applications in development to their communities testers, also having analysis system to enable them to determine which of them are already ready to be made ​​public.

This platform news again by launching a new feature called Answers, thus becoming in a suite that covers different areas of development along with the other features. The specific role of Answers, as noted by the platform in its statement , is to streamline the entire process of revelation of the main keys to growth in the application itself, where with just one click, without any modification of the code, developers can use to understand the keys thereof and retention metrics sending and quickly intelligent data at times of low impact, in order to optimize it, reducing the traffic.

The same statement said that is developed with existing SDK, Answers gives developers instant visibility and a constant pulse on the key indicators of the application itself. Best of all, it’s free, and it is integrated into the control panel Crashlytics.

Luckily, that is in the hands of Crashlytics Twitter, time has not affected his growth as a platform, pretending to offer those functions necessary that mobile application developers may need, sparing them having to use third party tools to complement.