Grooveshark now accepts Bitcoins

We have seen how the bitcoin currency, with its breathtaking hikes and amazing falls, has been slowly coming in different sectors of our market. Hotels, car shops, e-commerce sites, travel agencies, universities. there are many people with lots of money saved in bitcoins, and need options to spend, why not let alternative currency appear while there.

Now it’s time for a classic online music: Grooveshark ( ).


This has been possible thanks to Stripe, the application that we can include on our websites to receive payments, is testing the bitcoin as one of the alternatives that can be used by visitors, which reported in as an experiment in testing phase.

Although from the expansion of spotify and deezer ever hear about less than grooveshark, it is still interesting to see how everyday applications adopt bitcoin as natural, as an option.

Bitcoin Kurs

Good news for bitcoin, a few weeks ago as part of the reports of Google and Yahoo Finance , where we see that its value is around $ 620 right now.