Skype brings group video calling to modern Windows

Skype ModernWindows

Skype has announced the addition of the role of group a modern Windows application for video calling, reaching the same devices to tablets and 2-in-1 with Windows. This occurs months since last April, make free group video calling for existing platforms, with a view to provide support for additional devices later.

With this, Skype has managed to increase four times the use of this feature, as noted in the same ad, which added have found that most delas group calls are held three or four participants, so that when experience of developing group video calling for modern Windows, has been optimized to use the three most talkative, besides yourself, participants are visible at the same time.

This does not mean that anyone can be on a call with up to 10 people, so that their videos will start to be seen as start talking. The user has the additional ability to view fullscreen specifically someone who is not talking simply double-clicking on it and can return to the gallery back together by pressing twice. Also, if for any reason, you should take another task during group video call, you can modify the size of Skype to occupy only a portion of the screen, allowing to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.

Skype encourages users to make comments or follow the latest news via their social channels on Twitter and Facebook, as well as participating in the Skype community. At the end of the release notes that the operating system is only supported Windows 8.1, giving access to the instructions for your free upgrade for users who still have Windows 8.0