Chrome 37 Beta comes a day after the release of Chrome 36 stable


Chrome development team continues to work at a good pace, about 24 hours and if you can already have the new stable version of Chrome does, reaching version 36 , the list of main new features include improvements in rich notifications, renovation of the new tab page to incognito mode, availability of application launcher for Linux, as well as an emerging bubble when the browser this error, besides the usual performance enhancements and bug fixes, today and we can count on 37 beta version, unlike beta version 36, which was more oriented developers, this is directed to the consumers themselves.

The list of the main new features of Chrome 37 betaas announced on its official blog , support for Windows DirectWrite, DirectWrite APIs being representation of texts available first used in Windows Vista, and improves way how the text appears within the pages in the browser. It also has a new user interface for the administrator password, and not the usual top will require a login to use Chrome apps, and includes support for new APIs and extensions, not to mention, once again, in stability and bug fixes.

Chrome 37 hit the stable phase between August and early September, allowing users to enjoy the benefits and improvements that will be incorporated into the new beta. Both the stable version 36 as version 37 beta is available for the three major desktop platforms: Windows, Linux and Mac.