Microsoft will discontinue Nokia with android and lay off 18,000 employees

Nokia X android

Microsoft strategy focuses on productivity.

So begins Stephen Elop email sent today to employees of the company, which announced they want to focus their efforts on Windows Phone, Surface, Xbox, PPI and innovation, and Nokia’s new role within the company is essential.

Nokia says that focused on the hardware business phones, while Microsoft what they want is to accumulate value to the overall company strategy . For this they have to restructure, contact segments cheaper smartphones, which are the fastest growing segments in the market with the Lumia, Nokia manufacture leaving X (with android).

At the same time report that will have an estimated reduction of 18,000 employees over the next year, something that was rumored for days (12,500 of them directly related to Nokia) ago.

New CEO, new strategy, new approaches. Microsoft wants to completely change, want to stop losing positions in both hardware and software, and lay off thousands of people, while giving back to Android, is part of this change.