New Gruveo, web to make voice and video calls without installing anything or register now on android

new gruveo

Running is extremely simple, just have to include a number on their website and push the button (voice or video) to start a conversation with anyone else report the same number.

No need to install any software or register or remember passwords. you just have to create a unique ID number and share it with another person, so easy, free and intuitive.

Gruveo now updates its web version and, most importantly, adds support for android .They have not created an app, simply have to access the web from your mobile and perform the same steps as in the web version, giving access to the microphone and camera to perform video conferencing.

An excellent solution is presented as well as for conferences with people who do not use Skype or hangouts, or any other known application, a fast communication channel that can be used anywhere, application guarantees that all information is encrypted, so there is no danger that anyone can intercept the communication and know what you are transmitting.

They have not informed when it can be used from iOS, although given that iPhone and iPad can not access the hardware in the same way as android, surely have to perform a specific app.