Google admits Chrome “eats” laptops battery, and Now working on a solution

google chrome

It is confirmed that there is a bug in Chrome for Windows that consumes battery laptops at a much higher rate than with other operating systems or browsers, a problem that may have been consuming a lot of energy in recent years.

This week saw the first report on this issue in Forbes reporting that Chrome does not put the processor in idle state when not doing anything, consuming far more than they should be running but only background.

The report specifies that, depending on the hardware configuration, this consumption can be up to 25% above the ideal.

The problem first appeared in 2010, but it seems that only has now caught the attention of Google, which has informed PCWorld already working on a solution, no date set for it.

When we see that the battery is just extremely quickly we tend to blame the antivirus, multimedia applications, programs of unknown origin that settled our father … we rarely think that a web browser is causing a problem of these characteristics . Hopefully in the next version of Chrome already has a solution to this issue.