Nowtalk to integrate multiple websites chat

nowtalk App

Nowtalk is an easy, free and cross-platform for all those who want to integrate multiple chat option on their website.

In this case, the tool assumes an ideal choice if we want a solution that suits mobile devices in addition to websites, and chat not only allows multiple users simultaneously but also allow private chat.

To start using the service we can create an account at the same Nowtalk addition to checking in with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn – only account for registration and will be used Nowtalk we will not post anything without permission.

The chat comes built with status updates (Active, absent, off), activity information (details of if you are writing at the time) and general information about users online. As for the chat window itself, it can be set as you want – we can minimize, resize and position it as a pop-out in a new window.

Something that has struck me is that we can perform a test Nowtalk they immediately tell you how our website is the integrated chat, which helps give us an idea about the new interface.