Adidas Fit Smart could be your next personal trainer


It is not the first time that Adidas enter the world of the devices that collect physical activity data, and has had attempts as the clock “Smart Run”, however he had never shown a product which should be accessible to all budgets as which were presented today, this is the bracelet Adidas Smart Fit is developed for use in a purely sporting environment.

The bracelet is designed for professional athletes and enthusiasts physical activity is limited to measure or record information that interests us when we do activities like running is the most common. Record the heart rate, calorie consumption, steps and distance. ‘s all done in real time and synchronized with the course “miCoach” platform to establish Adidas as training settings, goals and progress in your physical performance.

The design is not bad, at first glance does not seem big enough to be uncomfortable while we took in the wrist , uses LED indicators to keep you on the lookout for the intensity of your activity, to guide you and you make the necessary exercise According to your current physical condition. The bracelet physical activity can store up to 10 hours and then transfer it to our smartphone . Not a wristband for all-day wear on the wrist , it will serve only to quantify your exercise.

Price and Availability

Adidas has a selling price that is in the range of any sports bracelet , for only $199 you could make one to measure your daily workouts and have a personal trainer. For now its release is limited to United States and arrive in August. Depending on its success will be marketed in countries where Adidas has a strong presence.