New app to manage bitcoin from android

blockchain , one of the most popular to analyze transactions bitcoins in the world websites, has released a new version for android that allows both stored as receive or send bitcoins from your mobile.

One goal is to allow people with little technical knowledge can use this currency without thinking in complex directions, according to co-founder and CEO, Nicolas Cary said TC , since you just have to click on the contact Mobile to begin making operations. The user will receive an email with the code so you can get the money.

In this version there is also a list of businesses that accept bitcoin, with news each week including more shops (remember that Dell has started accepting bitcoins few days ago).

Include tips and video tutorials for users to put strong passwords, using two-step authentication, perform backup and other actions related to data protection.

Blockchain purses develops open source encrypted saved as a backup file, and when a user logs on, get that file and decrypts it, so it never sees the bitcoins Blockchain that user.

They are now working on new versions of Chrome, Firefox, web and other mobile platforms.

Clearly the bitcoin still pushing hard, now you need closer to the general population, only then can stop seen as a nerd toy .