Samsung and Nest together for smart home


Soon we had several developments regarding bets big companies are doing for standardizing the internet of things , today a new initiative that has been called arisesThread Group , which add more tech giants like Nest Labs which is now owned Google, Samsung and ARM.

This new standard would be focused on connecting products designed exclusively for home , promising that any device that has wireless connectivity with the IEEE 802.15.4 standard can be used by adding a single layer of software. The main advantages offered by the standard thread would be:

  • The low power consumption
  • A layer of security for communications between devices
  • Compatibility with existing products and supporting standards and connectivity protocols used today, such as smart bulbs from Philips or the same smart thermostat Nest.


The first step has been taken, there is a wide range of devices that could be integrated with the simple act of carrying a chip compatible with the IEEE 802.15.4 standard, it is much simpler to send a software update to make a new product with a radius different, they are also looking for ways to bring the standard beyond the group that makes the alliance as it is a bet mainly hardware, rather than software, so that other initiatives such Homekit Apple AllJoyn Qualcomm and the recent Open Interconnect Consortium.

The main objective is to use Thread a new way to connect devices operating under the concept of the connected home or internet of things, try to change the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth as standard connection means something much more than offering a layer Extra security and improvements in energy consumption.

According to the official site of the alliance, the first standard would be published at some point this year , but devices with the new Thread radios hit the market until the middle of 2015, so far it is the first initiative that focuses on hardware and is “friendly” with other bets.