Some users find nearest scan function improved in Google Maps new version


Following the news about the upcoming news of Google Maps for Android offer , whose team found evidence Android Police within the code of the new update to version 8.2, following the publication, some users have found an item that was included in the list of new features. This does confirm the feature that allows users to define exactly the point where they are against the possible location errors that can offer Google Maps when determining them.

According to the average quoted account , updating the nearest scan function has its own button on the bottom right of the map screen, allowing still choose from several categories, although grouped more specifically, including points of interest. There is also a drop-down menu for selecting the time of day to get more in line with the same suggestions. More features may be included in future versions.

Again put the spotlight on those users who have found that novelty is not indicated in the official list of new features, some of them have shared their catch in Google+ , discussions with other participants who report having updated to the latest version and have not found the new button, who also is interested in learning more about the latest news and the profits it brings compared to previous versions.