Microsoft merge different versions of Windows on a single global operating system

windows 8

New CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, announced during the presentation of financial results for the fourth quarter the company goal of merging all its operating systems into one, or what is the same, achieving an operating system capable of adapting to all kinds of screen sizes.

This information represents a significant change in Operation method of Microsoft, which until now has always focused on developing different versions of Windows for all your devices. At the moment, has not been told how it will be possible to unify Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox on a single operating system, although they have stated that the change will benefit both users and software developers. Initially, one of the main advantages is that applications will be universal, so it can be used on any device. Despite the merger, Microsoft will continue selling various editions of the operating system in order to adapt to user needs, as they have been doing so far.

Indeed, with this tactic in Microsoft take a different Apple, which provides an operating system for mobile devices, and another way for your computer. Will have to wait until Microsoft decides to offer more details on how this change will affect users.