Google buys Twitch For a billion dollars to strengthen YouTube streaming video games


The purchase by Google’s popular video site where users share tournaments and other games video games live and in person is confirmed via streaming . The transaction would be around one billion dollars according to claim Dean Takahashi at VentureBeat where (specializes in video games and previously editor at The Wall Street Journal and LA Times ) Announces Acquisition by sources close to the matter (as reliable as those of Variety from which talk at the time ). As consulted with stakeholders, the details would be presented in September at the latest in its GamesBeat 2014 event.

Twitch platform, which incidentally was created by the founders of, to publish and stream videos directly from XBox, PlayStation and PC, and has over 50 million users among the participants of the count items as those who only visit the site for viewing and / or interacting with others. Well, the idea is to take advantage of everything Google that community experience and ability to Twitch in streaming video games to make them available to its hundreds of millions of users through YouTube.

Better yet, here especulamos- specific strategy which could be combined live broadcasts Twitch (as well as the videos already published) to YouTube channels, perhaps via Hangouts On Air , and manage a system of agreements to monetize the platform resulting either through AdSense ad type or by specific agreements with videogames and media firms of Fame and GameSpot Joystiq already broadcasting their content on Twitch.

Not to mention Google’s infrastructure to enrich transmissions making them more stable and higher quality video available; Even imagining a little more and taking the Google approach, one could think that transmissions from spreading to the mobile world. Finally, subtract wait for the official announcement but it is a fact the transaction of unparalleled importance as an investment would amount to almost as high as the amount you had to pay Google to stay with YouTube in 2006: 1,650 million.

More information: News in VentureBeat