Swarm come to Windows Phone in coming weeks


Gradually, it seems that different tech companies are paying more attention to Windows Phone to develop applications for this platform, so users with devices under the designated platform, will increase the number of applications that can be used, reducing the gap between the mobile platform over Android and iOS. In this sense, Foursquare notes through its official blog that the coming weeks will launch Swarm for Windows Phone, which, according to the shared catch will have a user interface very similar to that of the two major mobile platforms.

As many of you know, Swarm is the new Foursquare application that will allow us to recording those places we go, and that has raised some suspicion lately due to the requirement to Foursquare using this application instead of its original application on the which can no longer make records places. As noted by the executives of the company, as recorded by Mashable , it’s a minority, but the fact is that the criticisms increase in application profiles in Google Play and App Store, especially with the latest update, receiving lower valuations .

In any case, the new Fourquare want to tread on the heels Yelp, although it continues to advance, and just recently launched Trend data to compare and learn the most current locations and Swarm remain as the new application to record locations and create plans.