An extension for Google Chrome that motivates you to not procrastinate reminding you how old you get

chrome motivation procrastinate

We’re not talking about clothes but of age. Yes, Motivation is an extension for Google Chrome that motivates you to be productive and avoid reminding procrastination the exact time you’re wasting your life every time you open a new window and / or tab in your browser to irrelevant.

As shown in the picture accompanying this post and is shared by Digital Inspiration , the bright idea Motivation is put a huge counter that calculates, based on our date of birth we have to indicate to him the first use, time of life we and the increase in real-time which is such a simple action as arranged to visit a website. Essentially it is a smart call to attention that makes us reflect on the true value we give our time, and if the next action to execute really does justify the valuable seconds that invest in it.

The extension does not have many options, all that will be necessary to set our date of birth in the space question When were you born? (When were you born?) as soon as it is installed; It can be entered manually or by deploying the calendar to make it visually.Press the blue button that says Motivate to start calculating our exact age and ready !, the next time we go to open a tab or window, the “New Tab” Chrome will be replaced by this motivational counter artfully appeals to our alternatively awareness methods using other tools like StayFocusd or ChromeNanny that directly block access to websites.

Motivation has been developed by Alex MacCaw and its code is available on Github if anyone likes to know their calculation.

Link: Motivation in the Chrome Web Store