Clarisketch: creates videos with notes and phrases on photographs


Sometimes it costs us to translate our ideas to those who wish to pass them, so we opted to employ a number of tools that provide us this work. In the era of mobile devices, could not miss a tool focused on this goal.

Clarisketch is a free application available on Google Play Android devices from version 2.3.6 onwards, which allows us to convey our ideas simply taking pictures with our devices, which add annotations and drawings while recording videos, accompanied besides our own phrases to reinforce messages and ideas we want to convey.

Once done each video, we can share it privately or publicly in different ways, so that persons having access to it, can make through their own web browser without the need to have installed on their mobile device application.

To give us a better idea of ​​the concept of operation of this application, we have only to turn to the examples available on its official website, where we see the explanations given them in their videos targeted to different causes. With this in mind, we can make our explanation of what we want to convey any particular individual videos. It becomes a kind of specialized in short screencast with annotations and explanations based on images taken previously locution.