LinkedIn updated application with a new design

LinkedIn new design

Over the last few hours , LinkedIn team has released an update to its mobile application in order to update the profiles of their users. The company has echoed the changes through a post on his official blog .

As explained, which is intended to further promote relations between different members of the social network. Therefore, the new design takes care to highlight the interests and details of users, which in this company think they could make the task much easier for talks and expand your circle of contacts to find out what we have in common with others. LinkedIn’s idea is to offer a quick and, above all, very visual, a summary of the interests and connections we share with other users, as well as basic details such as name, company and title.

The company said that the mobile industry requires constant innovation, so thanks to this update, LinkedIn give a new boost to its application for mobile devices, by which already generate 43% of total visits.  By time, as explained in the blog of the company, the new design of the iPhone and Android app is only available in the English versions.