OneNote Beta already has its first update For Android


Microsoft has carried out the first update to the beta of OneNote for Android with some interesting improvements, which will enjoy those users participating in their beta program, the main novelty is the possibility to take handwritten notes on own screen with a finger or by using a stylus. It was obvious that sooner or later had to show that, by exploiting the advantages of the use of mobile devices whose interaction is done through the screen itself.

But there are other new features like the variety of options included to format text and can determine both the font used as the size of it, alignments and labels. Navigation is also improved, facilitating pass between notebooks, sections and pages in one easy screen navigation. The classic bug fixes and performance improvements could not miss.

Finally, support for LG G3 devices are added, which may thank those users who have this terminal, we must remember that has a screen resolution 2K, which probably can later view more applications support both LG G3 as other devices that can have FullHD above resolutions.

It is, as we say, the first update of the beta of OneNote, which comes two weeks after the launch of the program itself, which as we know, interested users have to perform a simple procedure to join the community betatesters and be the first to try new products, issuing opinions on the improvements.