Outlook.com For Android search allows server and access to messages in offline mode

Outlook for Android

Another application that has received an update today is Outlook.com application for Android platform, most notably their news the ability to search emails on the server, so that users will not be limited and find only messages downloaded to your own devices.

It also highlights the fact that unlimited sync all historical email messages to allow them full access in times when you can not access the Internet, available for consultation in offline mode is now possible.

The support for aliases in emails, the choice eight new colors for customizing the interface implementation, tuning and administration of the answers that you are on vacation, they come in handy at the time in which we are, as well as support for traditional Chinese, make up the list of new features that brings this new version, which will get those users who have a mobile phone or tablet on Android since version 2.2 onwards free through Google Play.

As is known, the experience Outlook.com Android offers is more like the style that Microsoft offers in its mobile ecosystem, so you could crash for users accustomed to using applications with a consistent navigation experience and visual style within the Android ecosystem.