Twitter acquires Madbits startup, able to understand the content of an image automatically


We know startup  news  known as Madbits purchased by Twitter, which information has been published on the website’s own  startup . For now, the popular social network microblogging has not issued any statement on the matter.

Madbits is a company that over the past year has developed advanced technology to analyze and understand the information in all kinds of images. This technology would understand an image in context, there are without labels associated with it to identify . Thanks to this purchase in the near future guys Twitter might be able to implement in your social network a search for images as well as organize and manage huge databases of images automatically. The statement that you see in the picture above, which has been published on the website of the company, the acquisition would have taken place this Monday.

Undoubtedly, this purchase would make sense for Twitter, especially considering the importance lately are giving images. remember that the social network recently empowered the ability to tag different people brought forth in an image , plus afford to add multiple images in one tweet  and even  upload GIFS to your website .