Office for iPad updated with PDF export, Presenter mode, editing pivot tables and more

office for ipad

Already completed four months since the launch of Office for iPad , the official and full version of Microsoft Office for mobile devices, and is still feeling the great interest of Microsoft to keep you updated thus unifying the experience of users who use their suite office desktop. Finally, a new package of functionality is added to Word, Excel and PowerPoint on your iPad versions.

In PowerPoint has been included presenter view mode or Presenter View , an option to project on a big screen presentation being handled from the iPad but seeing only details, not available to the audience: Notes on each slide, strokes freehand and control playback. Regarding the media, will now be able to add videos and audios directly from device’s gallery, and not only from external sources.

In the case of Excel now possible nicer handling of data in the cells, even if they come in PivotTables ( Pivot Tables ): Sort, filter, expand, collapse, show details, cool the contents of the table and even change its visual style. Additionally, added a new mode cell selection with just a pinch and if you are using a physical keyboard, you have shortcuts similar to Microsoft Office desktop (eg, by pressing F2 or Ctrl + U) keyboard.

Finally Word , like his two companions, now includes an option to export the document to PDF editing and quick options to resize an embedded (manually or with default sizes) image. Indeed, the Office apps for iPad now also support third party fonts so you can install and manage your own.

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