Twitter test embedding tweets in our timeline of people who follow our friends

tweet feature

Twitter goes testing a new feature, perhaps more ads or just another type of user account recommendations that would succeed in our timelines embed tweets from accounts that follow people whom we follow. Rather, it would be trying to camouflage timeline of the users that we follow in our own timeline. The selection would be random and would seek to promote our contacts accounts remain confident that our interest will be just like they are for them.

So get to know in TNW wherealeefbaypay screenshot of the user is shared (on the left) who was surprised to have received a tweet from your timelineBuzzFeed, a popular account but he did not follow any of his friends Yes I do. In fact, capture clearly shows a small title that lays on top of the second tweet that friend’s name and due reference to that person to follow on Twitter BuzzFeed.

By the way, all of this has been seen in the Twitter app for Android and could be a simple experiment ready to be discarded, or otherwise, to be adopted as a new feature present for all users. Let us hope it is the first for the promoted tweets and hashtags, plus including calls to action (“buy”, “install”, etc.), we have enough. Worse if even seek to profit but only impose new interactions.

Anyway, the big problem is still showing on the sides of Twitter recommendations as new accounts to follow (with the corresponding blue button “follow”) generated from the base followed by our social circle, no all we agree to follow them for the simple fact that their publications do not meet our expectations. So if you are looking to promote their use force, because most will be those who will complain that they change their minds.