WhatsApp works on Android Wear smart watches


Not content with having surpassed 500 million active users on smartphones, in WhatsApp no wasting time and already work in entering the market for smart watches, in particular bringing Wear Android operating system. For this we have released version 2.11.318 and possibly later versions that now come with support for OS for wearables that Google has made ​​available to manufacturers and developers.

The latest version of the application can be downloaded from its official website but not from the Play Store as it is not published immediately at that store until evidence-that overcomes some sort of beta openly. Android Police would have taken a look and speak of three features in this update in the coming days deal mobile worldwide:

One. Previewing received messages showing on the clock display the full text, not just a small notification. It goes against the name of the sender even if the message is part of a group.

Two. Notifications stacked for easy reading and interactions separately in case there are many messages received at a certain instant.

Three. Replies voice of incoming messages, but not as dictated recordings to be converted to text so hilarious -option as worrisome as it causes migraine just thinking about how they will be some of those 500 million telling your watches and even screaming in public places to make himself understood.

Probably will not work perfectly because it is a particularly useful version for developers and beta testers , but if you have already a smartwatch Samsung, Motorola, LG or any marks which already sells Android devices Wear, you can encourage you to try it right away.

For more information and screenshots (including the head of this article) you can visit the minireseña who have written in Android Police .