Apple partners with American Express to launch a new payment system for iPhone

american express

Discussed sources close to recode Apple has established an agreement with American Express, American popular finance company among other things, their credit cards to work together on a new payment system for iPhone that can compete with PayPal, Google Wallet, Square and other firms that now dominate the market still in its infancy besides the virtual payments in physical stores but taking advantage of the NFC protocol is that its own hardware-and online card management via smartphones. Of course, do not be surprised to see its launch on September 9 day event is expected to present the iPhone 6.

The essence would remain: An application to manage the data of credit card users and the balances to the virtual wallet style, and the ability to make payments online and local stores physical store where the mobile can move to replace the plastic when so required in the presence of dataphone-again, be the NFC key-. Businesses associated with the service and would be available in the new payment method is not listed.

Finally, in a matter of hardware is not as simple as it was innovative in previous years, could even say that the new iPhone will be just “more of the same”, but there are several ingredients that could be used to excel against Apple competition: the fingerprint reader, the credit data base of millions of users who use them to complete their purchases on iTunes and the App Store, agreements with major companies like American Express that could give life to -has Deals even rumored overtures to Visa which incidentally already has its own ” PayPal “- and the unlimited resources of the company to accelerate its development. [Image:]