CloudApp, The Fastest Way To Capture And Share A Screenshot


Images are one of the most important things of all content that is handled on the web, hence there are countless services that allow us to upload photos and share them with everyone. However not many that seamlessly integrate tools screen capture , instant upload to a server and functions to quickly share a link to the image created, and it’s even harder to get an application that also use the same clipboard your operating system. CloudApp does all this and more.

Specially designed to be the easiest way to share screenshots , this app lets you take a screenshot of your entire screen or a section of it using global hotkeys, and is able to provide a link to share the image of instantaneously. And not only works with images, but you can upload any type of file, whether audio or video, notes or documents, and even browser bookmarks.

Share Faster


The application installs in an instant and once ready will see a cloud shaped icon on your taskbar. You can drag any file type this symbol to immediately upload to the cloud and get a link to share. You can also click on to upload files from your hard drive, or to increase what you have in the clipboard.

Thanks mainly to the keyboard shortcuts, you can do everything in a couple of clicks and in few seconds. If you are using Mac you can press the key combination Command + Shift +5 to capture and upload a screenshot. From Windows you can do the same if you press Ctrl + Shift + PrtScr . Everything you upload is stored in your cloud My CloudApp and you can access the list of recent “drops” from the tray notifications from your system or from the web.

CloudApp is available for OS X 10.7.3 or later, and Windows 7 and 8 / 8.1. You can use it for free but you can only upload 10 files up to 25 MB each per day. If you sign up for an account Pro can share files up to 500 MB, you have no limit on the number of files you can share and you can use your own domain name to customize your links.