Discovered and solved the security problem of iCloud that could be responsible for stealing photos of famous

Since a few hours ago, as I discussed yesterday , many celebrities are seeing are reported online intimate photos, images, in theory, should have been kept in safety within Apple service backup and data synchronization in the cloud : iCloud.

I commented that the photos of dozens of celebrity nudity began appearing on 4chan after a hacker invaded supposedly iCloud accounts of different users, which seems to be confirmed now, as we have discovered a problem that allowed access to any account using the typical technique to try thousands of passwords in no time taking advantage of a problem with the Find my iPhone service. Now it is not possible, because iCloud locks the account after a few tries.

The script make getting the invasion has been published in github, and has proven successful in some ways, but right now, as I said, no longer be used for the invasion, you see the message appearing in the catch:

iCloud Disabled

Among those most affected is Jennifer Lawrence, who sent messages via lawyers, informing that they will take legal action in the pages to disclose the filtrate (though that has not stopped being seen on imgur and the like). Twitter is currently blocking the accounts disclosing the material.