Quickboard, keyboard third-party iOS 8 different

Quickboard is a new third-party keyboard for iOS 8 which commitment to differentiation to compete against the prediction engine Fleksy Swype or TouchPal keyboard type. His proposal: save snippets of text that we use every day so you can access them quickly.

Opening developers that will mean iOS 8 is going to be of particular interest especially in a field that was being demanded by users over time, the third party keyboards. During the period after the presentation of iOS 8 months we could see how a small battle raged for being the first keyboard third to appear, to show a demo and even open beta users but after that initial boom, we had not gone heard from any other opponent who appeared to compete with Fleksy or TouchPal , the two keyboards that were the first to take the plunge. To these two, and many others that will be but have not yet shown his face, joins Quickboard , a keyboard with a different and very interesting proposal .

Quickboard proposal is based on the ability to save snippets of text that we use daily in order to access them quickly and avoid having to write again and again something we have not seen yet on keyboards and presented on the paper, Committed to Quickboard differentiation can become a good alternative to keyboard shortcuts in iOS sounds great. What kind of fragments can save? Everything from addresses and credit card information to email signatures. This Quickboard is divided into three separate elements keypad which he calls TextBoard, LocationBoard MeBoard and in order to separate and sort the fragments by subject and not getting into a mess if we start to accumulate.

Both the approach and operation are very good looking but will have to wait to try to find out whether or not really worth it. Personally I tend to use the keyboard shortcuts in iOS but these can become a bit chaotic if you accumulate too many so Quickboard together with the extension of TextExpander that surely will come with iOS 8 may be two good alternatives. many more keyboards and more choices we have the more we will benefit users.