WhatsApp brings support for Android Wear smart watches on your stable version

whatsApp Android wear

As you recall, in early August, WhatsApp released a new beta for Android, highlighting among its novelties to incorporate support for smart watches that run under the operating system Android Wear . And in recent months, is being talked about more than ever, smart watches, that every day is taking more weight, especially ahead of the upcoming releases that are coming at IFA 2014, so no WhatsApp he wanted to miss out on some of its 600 million users with a smart watch under noted operating system can use their service from it.

It is for this reason that updated its stable version Google Play for Android phone, integrating it with support for Android smart watches Wear low, so that no longer will need to have the beta version and until a few days ago.

Although from Android Police WhatsApp said they released their stable version 2.11.362 numbering in Google Play, which brings this support, the truth is that it is still likely that some users, like me, see a lower version, version 2.11.238, so it will fit just wait for the new version for all users is released.

Unlike beta for Android, which had to be downloaded from its website, the stable version of WhatsApp is available for free directly from Google Play installation.