LinkedIn InMaps closes the tool showing our contacts on a map

LinkedIn inMaps

Three and a half years ago we told you about InMaps , a tool that LinkedIn was responsible for showing us a map showing a very graphic way we could see at a glance the relationships between all our contacts. To do this, we had to have at least 50 connections in the social network, but the tool became more useful the more we added contacts. Thanks to InMaps, we could create labels grouping different groups of people in order to facilitate the organization, later to zoom the map and study the connections between our contacts.

Although it was an interesting idea, it seems that the LinkedIn team has not obtained the results you want with this tool because InMaps completely closed . On the official website of LinkedIn does not give many details about the reasons behind the closure of the service, but most likely did not have InMaps the number of users needed to justify the costs of maintenance of the tool.

In Linkedin have claimed that sometimes they are forced to remove tools that are happy in order to focus all its efforts on creating better ones, this being the reason why have decided to take the closure of InMaps.