LinkedIn Sales Navigator , already has its mobile app for iOS


End of July, LinkedIn launched its Sales Navigator as a standalone product, no longer a set of integrated features in their main website. Now, this service has its new mobile app available for the iOS platform only. Sales Navigator’s mission is to become a specialist in tracking and managing sales opportunities through LinkedIn tool. It is for this reason that the service offers recommendations sales opportunities by tracking updates and related news opportunities and companies, besides enabling the pursuit of mutual connections in order to reach the relevant people.

Sales Navigator aims to provide, through its mobile app in iOS, real-time updates on their own accounts and potential customers, access to the profiles of potential prospects, the possibility to save them, find mutual connections and the ability to read LinkedIn InMail mobility. As verified from TC , the mobile application has a clear appearance, focusing on its integration in iOS 7 and 8, with plenty of clear space, well defined, icons planes lyrics, great images and navigation completely simplified.

Note that although the installation of the application is completely free to make use of it will require a premium account, as in the Web version of desktop and mobile web, prowling the price to $ 99.99 for subscriptions annually, annually costing $ 129.99 if you opt for the monthly subscription.

Sales Navigator is available on Apple App Store and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch can be authorized with iOS 7.0 or higher.