Office for iPad now supports monthly subscriptions

office for ipad monthly subcription

End of  last March, Microsoft finally released version of Office optimized for use in iPad tablets , specifically designed to offer productivity tools leveraging the advantages of the use of larger screens compared to iPhone smartphones . It’s been several months since then, where Microsoft has added ease of use for both users of Office for iPad to other platforms where it is available, and growing.

Result of steady improvements by Microsoft, and meeting the demands of flexibility on the part of users, from today Office for iPad features the ability to purchase monthly subscriptions from within the application in which you can choose to purchase the Office 365 Personal subscription, intended for those who wish to use Office on a PC or Mac and tablet, or opt for the acquisition of the Office 365 Home  subscription, designed for households with up to five PCs or Macs five tablets. They are bringing new Microsoft coinciding with the start of the new school year, leveraging the iPad tablets, among other devices, are employed by students when making their productivity tasks.

Microsoft notes that these changes of the subscription within the app are great options for those who prefer the flexibility of monthly payments. However, customers who already have the Office 365 Home  subscription for one year, will continue as hitherto, while those who have a monthly subscription, will always have the option of moving to an annual subscription from your iPad or from iTunes, either PC or Mac.

Nor should we forget that there are 30 days of testing for Office 365 subscriptions.